2007 Nissan Maxima • 49,500 miles

2007 Maxima w/ 49k miles. Accelerates fine to about 35-40mph. At that point, RPMs continue to go up with increased accelerator pressure, but no acceleration. Upon continued gas pedal pressure, the speed very slowly and gradually increases. When brakes are applied, car stops fine w/ no odd sounds. Mechanic is saying the ABS system and actuator is causing this. Does this sound right?
February 24, 2012.

Have the computer scanned for code/s-also check the fuel pressure and the exhaust system for restriction

Feb 24, 2012.
Check the trans. Fluid and take it to have the tranny tested. This is no abs problem. Take it to midas and have your codes checked for free.

Feb 24, 2012.
Primet1me I was wondering if you had your 2007 Nissan maxima fixed? I have the same exact car with the same exact problem. Nissan diagnosed it as internal tranny problem and put new tranny in but didnt solve the problem. Now nobody will look at it because there is no diagnostic light on. Please let me know if you solved the problem! If anyone else could help id appreciate it.

Aug 3, 2012.