2007 Mazda RX8 • 52 miles

Have a 2007 RX8 w/ 52k miles. Just a lil over a week ago the car hesitates to start and has lost engine power. If I reve the engine before taking off I cant feel it being sluggish, but taking off normal I can feel it hesitating. When turning a corner in 2nd gear, I notice the car hesitating the most. Thought it may have been bad gas, but I put in fuel injector cleaner, gas dryer and new fuel in the car. Car had spark plugs and air filter replaced under a yr ago. Any idea what the prob could be or suggestions?
November 13, 2011.

Have the trouble codes pulled from the OBD unit on the car. Any Advance Auto or Auto Zone wil do this for free. Come back to us with the codes.

Will do. Thank u!

Nov 14, 2011.
No problem and you are very welcome.

I took car to Autozone and they said there were no codes.

Nov 20, 2011.
Okay. The next thing would be to check the fuel pressure. Again, Advance Auto and Auto Zone has Fuel Pressure Test Gauge test kits on a loaner program for free with a deposit. The kit will come with adapters to fit almost any application. The test port is on the fuel rail, but I have provided a diagram showing port with connected test gauge.
I have also given you the test procedure along with the diagrams and sub-procedures referred to in the instructions. The fuel pressure specs are in the instructions. I had to break the instruction into 2 parts as it would not fit into one screen.

If the pressure is too high or too low, it gives you the 3 most likely diagnosis of the issue.
If the fuel pressure is off it can cause the symptoms you are having and it will not generallly throw a code if it is off until it effects the air/fuel ratio enough that it overheats an O2 sensor or other issues.
So, do this test as it is the next step and has to be ruled out. While you are doing it, inspect the air filter and intake tract for anything that would block or impeed flow.
Let me know how this turns out.

Thanks again, will let you know.

Nov 20, 2011.
Your very welcome. It is a very nice car and very dependable, so I am sure it can be straightened out.

Take care.

Dr. C