2007 Kia Sorento • 6 cylinder AWD • 131,000 miles

I have been told my wheel bearing on the front driver's side needs to be replaced on my 2007 kia sorento; it went in for repair and now they said the hub needs replacing also because they couldn't detach the hub and bearing and it will cost 1500.00; does this sound right
April 21, 2011.

What did it go in for originally? Why were they trying to remove the assembly? I think it's time for a second opinion. $1500.00 would get you a half dozen wheel bearings installed on a Chrysler product.

Apr 21, 2011.
I stand corrected. Your vehicle still uses a pressed-in wheel bearing design. They can not be removed without destroying them, but there is never a reason to remove them except when they become noisy. There are special tools needed to remove and install these bearings. Every shop has them them; even many mechanics have their own sets of tools for this job.

Chrysler also used to use this design. The bearing costs less than $100.00 and it takes about an hour.

Apr 21, 2011.