2007 Ford S-Max • 80,000 miles

The 'Distance to Empty' details are still showing on the dashboard (not Convers+) but they won't change from 'distance to empty' to temperature / trip etc.

Where do I start to check for a fault, is it a fuse, relay or connector? The only thing that has been touched on the car is the stereo has been taken out to get at a switched live feed for a bluetooth hands free device.

Everything else is working fine and as normal.

June 3, 2012.

If this problem was not there prior to fiddling with the Bluetooth, there is a possibility something is loose somewhere after the work.

Vehicles nowadays are rather sensitive due to the various modules and any minute changes in the wiring can affect control module readings. If any accessories are not correctly installed or does not match the requirements, it can cause problem.

Start by getting a scan done to check for body control module faults.

Jun 3, 2012.
Thanks, I will look at getting it into the dealer to take a look.

Does the Information Module interface with the stereo in any way, I noticed that the quad lock has power and speaker etc. And two additional iso blocks one of which is for the audio controls on the steering wheel (think its white) there is another black iso block - is that anything to do with the other control on the steering wheel?

Jun 3, 2012.
Our database does not have any information on your vehicle so I am not able to ascertain if the Information Module interfaces with the stereo. Most vehicles have almost all the Body Control Modules, etc linked, known as CAN bus system so it is highly likely that they are linked.

Jun 4, 2012.