2007 Dodge Caravan • 106,000 miles

My engine(?) Makes this whining sound.
It does not make this sound all the time and I am not sure whre it is comming from.
It would make it mostly after a hard 40 to 50 mile drive.
The sound pitch also changes when you are stopped, in neutral and rev the engine slightly.
This also happens when you are stop and turn the steering wheel.
This morning as I left home it whined all the way to work. Strange, because it was parked all nite.
All my fluid levels are ok.
Thanks, Fitz
October 30, 2012.

You say its a dodge and you said it gowls while you turn that sounds like the power steering pump start the car take a steth a scope to listen to the power steering pump for the growl if no steth a scope take a long pry bar one to the power steering pump snd one end to your ear listen to for the growl if growl and grind the bearing are bad if not could be your transmission sounds carry so try to pinpoint the growl have you serviced your transmission lately

Brien p
Oct 30, 2012.