2006 Toyota Tundra • 85,000 miles

Changed the thermostat and the upper and lower radiator hoses on the truck. Also did a flush and fill of the radiator. Fluid levels all look good 3 days later, but there is a fluid leak that is dripping from the transmission that does not appear to have any color or smell. It is not oily feeling at all. Cannot tell where this is coming from and the A/C is not on. Any clue?
February 7, 2013.

So you understand that water will drip from a rubber tube when the AC is used. Dandy. That puts us steps ahead of most people, but are you aware the AC is supposed to tun in defrost mode too? If not, you may still be seeing water from that tube.

Also, is it possible you're seeing leftover water from flushing the radiator? Perhaps it pooled somewhere on top of the engine and is running down now due to wind on the highway or parking at an angle.

Feb 8, 2013.