2006 Suzuki Forenza • 4 cylinder •

Had timing replaced on 2006 Suzuki forenza. There's fire and fuel. Timing gas Been checked more than enough times by more than one mechanic. They have present and present marks. All agree timing is right. How can I myself check the crank sensor and compression before spending more money or are there other possibilities?
Learning as we go
May 23, 2011.

Get a compression tester and remove all the spark plugs. Install the tester to one cylinder and crank the engine for 4 or 5 revolutions with throttle fully opened. That would show you the reading.

If you do not have a a compressiontester, do a simple job first, remove all spark plugs and pump a little cylinder oil ( not more than 1 cc ) into the cylinders via the spark plug holes.

Crank the engine for a few seconds and reinstall the spark plugs. Try restarting.

May 23, 2011.