2006 Saturn Ion • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 55,000 miles

2006 saturn ion sometimes just won't start. Turn the key and nothing. No crank or attempting to crank. No clocking. Nothing. Wait 10-20 minutes then it starts like there was never a problem. What's up?
November 26, 2010.

Does the security light flash while it won't start. I can't be 100 percent sure but I recently fixed one that had a faulty ignition switch. Take it somewhere to have it scanned for codes. That should pinpoint the problem.

Nov 26, 2010.
It sounds like Passlock is at it again, see this guide

Nov 27, 2010.
Bad ignition switch is really common for those cars causing the no start's then start's to happen. Take it some where that can read your body control module code's. If you have a code B02960 and or B3033 then replace the ignition switch and you should be good to go.

Nov 28, 2010.