2006 SAAB 9-3 • 43,000 miles

Hi I have been told by my saab dealer that the swirl flap mechanism has come adrift on the induction /inlet manifold. Can this be repaired/replaced or do I have to replace the whole manifold as saab say at a cost of £1000 pounds.I havent noticed any decrease in performance or mpg at present, what are the long term problems if I just run it as it is?
Steve ottley
October 12, 2011.

What engine do u have? Is it a v6? Was there a fault code? Need more info, post back.

Oct 12, 2011.
Hi thanks for your reply,
it is a 1.9 tdi 150. On a 06 plate. There was no fault code, I had taken it in for a main service to saab and they informed me of the problem. When I said that there was no decline in performance they said it maybe that the flaps are stuck open. They said that the mechanic noticed it running a bit lumpy but I havent noticed this maybe im just used to it
look forward to your reply

Steve ottley
Oct 12, 2011.
I can't find anything in Mitchell 1 data base that refers to a swirl flap, so I am not sure what they are referring to, can you get an more info on this?

Oct 13, 2011.