2006 Pontiac G6 • 53,000 miles

My remote will open the truck and the alert (horn) button will also activate, but the remote will not lock/unlock the doors or the remote start does not work. Is the problem with the remote or should I look elswhere.
December 17, 2012.

If you have another key fob try that first and replace battery in curren tone if it still does it you'll need another fob

Dec 17, 2012.
I'm certain you have probably found an answer for this question, but I thought I'd weigh in because your battery probably does not need to be replaced, and you probably don't need a new complete key fob. Amazon. Com sells replacement fobs (without the guts) and all you need to do is put the guts from your current one that is not working properly inside the new housing. What is happening is the connection is not working on the other buttons. You could just put some muffler tape on the back of the buttons that are not working (or aluminum foil) but I found that this is only a temporary fix and will frustrate you more in the long run because it starts making things go crazy. I ordered a fob, popped the insides in the new one and it is working like a charm! (Without the hassle and expense of having a new one programmed, which can only be done by a dealer from everything I read) Good luck!

May 20, 2013.