2006 Peugeot 307 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 136,000 miles

1- My car heats up when driving in very hot weather with high speed.
2- I noticed even that it heats when I stop the car in a gas station for a few minutes in the highway. When I turn on the engine after a stopping in the middle of the high way, the temperature is shown as very high and gradually goes down within 2-3 seconds.
3- I also hear the high speed fan work at different temperatures, sometimes below 90 and some times above 90.
4- My car is a peugeot 307 that ran for 136,000 KM and is 6 years old and is regularly maintained at the Peugeot dealer workshop in Abu Dhabi.

Many Thanks
August 5, 2011.

Symptoms indicates inefficient cooling and it is either due to lack of coolant in system or clogged radiator, weak water pump or partially stuck thermostat.

Have those checked.

Aug 5, 2011.