2006 Mercedes Benz C230 • 6 cylinder Automatic • 52,000 miles

2006 c-230Is it a problem to disengage the electrical ABS or SBS braking components when changing brake pads and how do you do it? I understand it can cause the brake caliper pistons to engage and ruin system if it is not disengaged.
February 6, 2011.

As long as the vehicle is completely off the ABS will not engage while changing the pads. Do not leave the keys in the ignition while performing this and it should not be a problem. As for replacing the pads, both front and back should have retaining pins holding the pads in. Use a long thin punch and hammer to push out the pins from the outside of the caliper to the inside of the caliper. Once out, use a screw driver in between the pad and the rotor to depress the caliper piston. Once full depressed the pads will slide right out and new ones slide right back in. Once you have hammered the retaining pins back to hold the new pads in place, start the vehicle and depress the brake pedal several times until you feel the pressure build up in the pedal. After that you are ready to go.

Mar 30, 2011.