2006 Kia Rio • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 88,735 miles

I have a 2006 kia rio and the front brakes are locking up could it be my abs brake module causing this problem. I have already replaced brake pads and brake calipers but the problem still happens and it does it as soon as the car starts to warm up and then both front brake lock up
April 6, 2011.

It could be the ABS control module or insufficient brake pedal to booster push rod clearance, which would cause pressure to build up when the fluids heats up.

Apr 6, 2011.
I see that you have replaced calipers and pads. Be sure that the brake lines are not twisted, I have also seen this before when the brake switch on the brake pedal is adjusted improperly and it applies slight pressure to brake pedal causing the same characteristics as what you are describing. I really doubt its the abs module. The abs light would be on if there was a problem