2006 Hummer H3 • 5 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 47,000 miles

Hallo my name is fabrizio
I have a problem !
my hummer h3 of 2006
cold engine vibration, heat better, but it accelerates well and the engine makes a clanking noise
I replaced the filters, oil, spark plugs, air sensor, but to no avail
I think it's because if the fuel pressure sensor air sensor detachment machine is fine !
located and where and how you can replace?
thanks fabrizio
July 5, 2011.

There is no 'fuel pressure sensor' on this vehicle. It sounds like you main concern is audible engine noise/vibration. There are several common concerns with noise/buzz/rattles on your vehicle. Remove the serpentine belt first, if there is no noise, replace the tensioner. Check that the front and mid skid plate fasteners are all there and tight. Check that the exhaust manifold heat shield fasteners are all there, tight, and that the heat shield itself is not cracked/broken. Check for a heat shield with a broken weld at the elbow just below the primary catalyst, and just after the header pipe flange. A lot of these noises will occur when torque braking, at about the 1100 to 1900 rpm range, and can either happen as the rpms are rising or falling into that range.

Jul 5, 2011.
Thanks for the answer
the problem is not only the noise !
The problem disappears pulling air sensor wiring
air sensor is disconnected when the car is vibrating more and go faster
air sensor and new!
What can be, I thought both fuel pressure sensor
thanks fabrizio

Jul 5, 2011.
Maybe a vacuum leak, or misfire, and you are compensating by disconnecting the MAF. Is there a check engine light?

Jul 5, 2011.