2006 Honda Civic • 2WD Automatic • 88,000 miles

I realised that my 2006 civic 1.8L's aircon does not work properly after long distance driving of approximately 250+km. The aircon is blows very little air out and air's not cold. This is the 2nd time (1st time about 6 months ago)this has happen with the exact same symptons. Most recently, after this happen, my car was parked, unused for about 2 days. Then I drove a long distance of about 250km and again this happens. The technician advised me that the aircon clutch and relay has worn out, however I am a little unconvinced. If these items have been worn out, the aircon should have failed and completely not worked instead of only failing to function properly after long distance driving. A technician friend of mine highlights the possibility of icing which after reading a little more on icing, the symptons are alike. What is your opinion?
April 13, 2011.

Evaporator maybe icing up cutting air flow due to faulty expansion valve. Next time check HCAV unit pass side for heavy sweating. Turn off wait 30 mins. Turn on water droplets come out vents. If yes then evap icing

Apr 13, 2011.
I would agree with Docfixit that icing is the most likely cause and for this vehicle, there had been quite a number of reports regarding the compressor not cutting out due to a faulty ground circuit, result of a bad PCM.

The other possible cause for icing would be fresh air getting into the cabin. Ensure the vents are set to recirculating adn there are no air leaks into cabin.

Apr 13, 2011.