2006 Cadillac STS • 123,000 miles

Cadillac STS 2006, battery went dead bought a new one went dead two days later, was told if the car doesn't cut off while running its not alternator
July 17, 2012.

I dont know who told you that but I would not listen to that person anymore.

Start with a battery test even if it is new. Have an alternator output test perform as well as an ac ripple test. Test the starter and all connections for voltage drops.

This is the correct way of checking a charging system


Jul 17, 2012.
Something is staying on. Remove the neg. Cable at the battery. Hook a meter to the neg. Cable and the neg. Post on the battery. Using milli amp setting it cant be over 50ma or it will kill your battery. Start by looking for something running with the key off. Like the antenna, trunk pulldown motor, any lights. The glove box and trunk lights or the visor lights. Start here.

Jul 17, 2012.