2006 BMW 325i • 125,000 miles

Hi, In the mornings I have to start my car 5-10min prior to leaving my house to heat the car up, otherwise the yellow engine light comes on (if its cold). The light stays on until I start up the car after 3x then it comes off. Do I need winter fluids or should I do an engine flush? Under -30 weather the car is very hard to start aswell.

I also have 2 sensors out in my car. The E-brake sensor (ebrake is working just fine) and the passenger air bag sensor. Are those a must fix? And how can I fix them?

November 29, 2012.

The yellow light, is it shaped like an oil can? It could be the oil level sensor, replace it or ignore it, its up to you. The airbag issue is probably the seat belt recepticle, you can let that go too, it dont mean the airbag wont work, just has a currently present fault.

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 3, 2012.