2005 Toyota Corolla • 40,000 miles

I have a 2005 toyota corolla. I also have a 2003 nissan x trail.I have a LAUNCH OBD11 scanner. When I attach the scanner to the DLC connector of the nissan everything works fine. But when I attach the scanner to the toyota all the scanner say. Cannot communicate with the ECU. Pin 7 of the DLC connector is the ISO9141 protocol for both nissan and toyota. Both connectors have pin 7.I was looking through the toyota MANUAL AND IT SAY IN THERE THAT TOYOTA PROTOCOL IS ISO9141-2. NOW PIN 15 ON THE DLC CONNECTOR IS THE ISO9141-2. BOTH NISSAN AND TOYOTA HAVE NOT GOT PIN 15. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THE TOYOTA WORK? IS THERE A SPECIAL SCANNER FOR THE TOYOTA? AND WHAT IS THE BEST SCANNER TO BUY THAT SUITS THE TOYOTA
October 19, 2012.

Not a special scanner. Just a good one is needed. They just pull codes. Go to a parts store and they will read them for free. A code number never identifies a bad part, just a failed system. It is just the beginning of the process.


Oct 19, 2012.