2005 Suzuki XL7 • 120,000 miles

The car doesnt start and the nozzle cant inject enough pressure
September 28, 2011.

Check fuel pump pressure to make sure the pump is producing enough pressure. Also, what do you mean by nozzle?

This car I change the pump but I didnt get enough pression I mean nozzle injector and I ask well the customer and say before the made the onother key for car and didnt start they put the memory of first key on transponder and car start after I use vehicle diagnostic computer say the pression of pump not enough so can I repair this pump is it repaired or not. Mybe I need new your advice is important. Thank you mr jacob and nicolas

Sep 28, 2011.
If the fuel injectors are not firing, you need to check the voltage to them making sure it is within the manufacturer's specs. If it is low, the injectors will not work properly.

As far as the key, if the security light isn't on, the security system is working. It would shut down the fuel pump and spark to the engine.