2005 Suzuki Forenza • 100,000 miles

I don't know if this is one problem or two. My car dies randomly and sometimes when I try to start it it takes a couple tries. I eventually got a new battery a couple months ago. Its started doing the samething again. Along with that my car has started to smell like gas inside and out. I thought it was the gas, so I went to a different gas station. The gas smell went away and then came back. It does not seem to matter if the take is full or low, it comes and goes. This time it has not stopped and I now have to roll down my window. I am very concerned.
November 15, 2012.

Is the Malfunction Indicator Light showing?
Seems there is a leak in the fuel system. It would result in fuel pressure loss causing the difficult starting and stalling. You need to get it checked asap as this is a safety concern apart from the problem it is causing.

Nov 15, 2012.