2005 Saturn Vue

Hi there! We are stuck with our 2005 saturn vue.
It has power windows and doors.
About about a month ago the driver door wouldn't open unless you pulled the handle inside three to four times. Now it won't open at all.
The dealership wants about $600 to fix this. And I can't afford this. So per the dealer since we can't open the door to remove the panel we would have to break it off to get the door open.
Well being a woman I have managed not to break the panel just the two door clips and have enough room to see inside the door area.
Looking at the links in this article (www. Justanswer. Com/saturn/7vq4h-saturn-vue-door-lock-actuators-2008-saturn-vue. Html) I am unable to get the door open so far.
We can see the door latch actuator but not sure how to pop the piece to open the door for replacement. Any suggestions?
July 21, 2013.

What part of the linkage is broken? Is it the part that attaches to the lock assembly or the door handle?

The interior handle and exterior handle are in working order. It seems to be latched shut at the door actuator. We can see the actuator but are unable to latch the latch to get the door opened. We have checked and the door is not in the locked position. When you pull the handle up from the outside you can see a yellow plastic piece inside the door moving up and down but the latch remains closed. I'm sure there is something simple we are missing to pop the latch.
Thanks in advance for your help

Jul 22, 2013.
If you are able to access the linkage which goes to the handle, you should be able to open the door from that.