2005 Mitsubishi Outlander • 124,000 miles

Hi. I have a problem with the rear rotors in my Standard transmission 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander. I replaced the front rotors, calipers an pads in the front with no problems. The rears are giving me a heck of a time. The pads have never been changed and I have had the car for probably 4 or close to 4 years now having bought it used. I removed the rear wheel and have the car raised on a jack and the parking or emergency brake is off. The rotor on the passenger side does come off a bit on the left side where the rear plate or shield is open but, won't budge on the right area. I Was able to separate it a bit all around but, there is a point when it just won't budge. I have tried to bang the rotor from behind on the open shield area with a piece of wood to soften the impact of the hammer and have used a screwdriver to try to pry off the rotor of the hub and many other things but, I just can't get it off. I saw from some websites that you could use two 8mm bolts on 2 holes in the rotor but, mine does not have those 2 threaded holes. I also saw that by removing a small foam plug off the front of the rotor you could access an adjuster for the parking brake??? I took that plug of but, don't really know how to access that adjuster and I am not too sure that even if I use a screwdriver, that would work??? Let me know exactly how to use that screwdriver if that would work. What about if the adjuster does not help or work? What is my next option? Any other ideas? Am I doing this right? I have included images at the very bottom for you to see the rotor and what is around it. There seems to be a cable in a conduit of some sort on the right side behind the assembly as toy can see in the photos coming at an angle. I don't really think that I can remove this and I don't know that it would help if I did take it off. Any help or recommendations would be highly appreciated.

November 15, 2012.

Your images did not come out correctly. You should have used the add image link at bottom just outside the message box to upload them.

Anyway you the parking brake shoes seems to be stuck and you need to loosen the shoes before the rotor can come off. Use a screw driver to turn the adjuster to allow the shoe to contract. When the rotor is stuck, thrun in the direction that is easier to turn and continue till you feel the rotor looseing up and you should be able to remove it.

Nov 15, 2012.
Thanks for your advice!


Nov 28, 2012.
You're welcome.

Nov 28, 2012.