2005 Mazda 3 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 89,000 miles

Very, very loud tapping and clicking coming from engine 2005 mazda 3 2.0 My mechanic said 4 lifters have reached maximum specs. All the others are perfect. Will changing these 4 lifters correct the problem?He is not sure if changing these lifters will correct this problem. What do you advise? Thank you very much
February 5, 2011.


Ok, How long has it been making the noise? When first started do you check the Oil Level?

When you took it to the mechanic did he check the Oil Pressure?

If it is the lifters I would highly recommend replacing all of them not just the ones that are bad. However, since it is only 6 years old there is another problem somewhere to cause them to fail prematurely.

There are other possibilities to the noise and won't know for sure till start taring down.

What you should do is ask what the cost would be for your mechanic to pull valve covers and look at cams, valve springs and all for ware.

Feb 5, 2011.
Check the clearance on all the lifters and order them according to the clearance. Eg. 0.005" clearance. Order a 0.005" lifter cap. The 2.0L engine is also known for excessive tapping noise from the injector rail. Try switching it with an injector rail from a 2.3L mazda 6.

Feb 5, 2011.
Thanks for the info, mazda_tech_toronto

Feb 5, 2011.