2005 Honda CRV • 98,000 miles

Hi, was wondering if there is anything on engine idle surging on the CRV. I had rough idle and bad gas mileage, adjusted the lifters, cleaned the throtle body, new plugs, PCV valve and performed the idle learn. Car has pleanty of acceleration, but still a bit rough idel. Biggest issue is while idling or moving slow and turn the steering wheel the rpm jumps like 300 rpm. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't even see the problem cause no codes were triggering. Very frustrating.
February 23, 2013.

Adjusted lifters? There is no adjustment.

When turning the wheel, the idle should change. Power steering pressure switch kicks up the idle.

The roughness may be from injectors. Do not use additive to fuel tank as it never works. Have them cleaned professionally.


Feb 23, 2013.
Roy, thanks for the response. Yes they are mechanical lifters on this engine, I had them adjusted, intake at.009, exhaust at.012, there is a proceedure to do it. The surge in idle actually makes the car jump a little, never did that before. I have not cleaned the injectors, just been using the Chevron fuel additive occasionally on it to keep them clean, but you are saying that stuff does not work? The car runs good, just those 2 issues. I could never get the milage out of this thing that others post 25-30. 22 average and I drive like 50% highway to and from work, 90% highway, maybe 25 if I go easy. I will look into the injector cleaning, just not sure where to take, definetly not the dealer.

Feb 25, 2013.