CODE P0497

2005 Honda Civic • 85,000 miles

Honda Civic, 2005: Code P0497 (Evap. Emission Low Purge Flow Fault.) I have changed the canister purge valve, still the emission light is back giving Code P0497. The Mr. Tire mechanic told me that it is the canister that need to change (this was before changing the purge valve. I changed the valve myself thought that problem might go away if there is not enough flow in the purge valve). Do you think canister may be an issue? Are canisters go bad? I had a habit of topping off since I bought the car. Please advise
October 2, 2013.

It could very well be the canister or a vacuum leak. If you have been filling it up that can cause problems and the port may be clogged. Try removing it and cleaning it out first before you get a new one. You can't always get to the ports on some so just do the best you can.