2005 Ford Freestar • 143,000 miles

I have a leak in the front of the van. I had it checked by the ford dealer and the replaced the tort convertor. It was still leaking I took it back and they can not find where the leak is coming from. This is transmission oil that they said it was dripping.

What else could it be, they replaced the seal on the tort convertor, they have checked the pump. They have my transmission torn apart and still they can't figure it out.

I really need to find out what is wrong cause this is costing me money that I do not have.
Sabrina Shaw
October 31, 2012.

It the oil is leaking form the bell housing at the front of the transmission the torque converter seal is still leaking, if this is the case it is there problem as they may have damaged the new seal, if this is the case it is a warranty job that should not cost you anything, get this looked at.

Oct 31, 2012.