2005 Ford Freestar • 12,100 miles

I am very upset about a situation I am going thru. I recently went to have my '05 Ford Freestars a/c fixed. The front blows the back does not. The mechanic replaced the blower motor and switch. After repairing that he says I need the a/c and cooler control head replaced. They tried rewiring it and it didn't work. Later that day my cruise control quit working and my power points also. Therefore I believe they shorted something out. I have talked to several mechanics who said that there is no way those three parts would go out at the same time. One said that would be like your fridge, stove, washer and dryer dying the same time. The front is still blowing a small bit. So, do I have a mechanic who is trying to take advantage of me?

June 1, 2012.

No, you have one who cannot diag electric correctly. You need another shop familiar with electricity to repair your issue.


I had a repair shop tell me today that I didn't need the blower motor and switch replaced. He said I only needed the a/c cooler control head replaced. I want to make sure of it before going to the shop and raising sand. I do not want to pay for parts that I believe that they did not need replacing. He (the original mechanic) has the a/c cooler control head in now.

Jun 1, 2012.
Yep, sounds like they misdiagnosed it but good luck proving that.

Jun 1, 2012.