2005 Ford Expedition • 125,000 miles

My vehicle misses when I step on the gas, and especially when I go 60 or faster and the engine light comes on and sometimes it bogs right down to where we have to stop and turn off the engine. We had it hooked up at the auto shop and it said we had misfires on #2 and #8 coils so we replaced both coils. We are still having the same issues. Any ideas?
February 15, 2013.

Next step is to check the sparkplug, compression and injector for those cylinders:

Feb 15, 2013.
Misfire cylinder 2 and cylinder 8, How did they get this code, The reason I ask I have a Snap on Modis and a regular fast code check, A 2006 Ford came in a quick code read said number 2 cylinder misfire, but a scope said coil great, hooked up a Modis used a Ford software it came up as number 6 and the ignition scope was right replace coil solved problem.I say this because software doesnt communicate well with software. You truly do have a misfire, this can be from injectors to sparkplug but more than likely it coil that fails, If you want to find this yourself you will have to remove each coil and inspect for water or coolant intrusion that is affecting your condition, Remeber you have a ECT (electronic throttle) so to protect the catalytic you limp mode, You need a KOER (key on engine running) code test.

Feb 15, 2013.