2005 Chrysler Pacifica • 75,000 miles

At low speeds (20 - 45 mph) feel tugging or pulling
Jaybo martin
April 16, 2012.

You gotta be a whole lot more specific. Tugging in the steering wheel? Which way? Do you feel it in the seat? Does the vehicle pull to one side constantly? Just when accelerating or just when braking? Does the steering wheel keep changing position to keep the vehicle going straight?

Apr 16, 2012.
When normal driving on residential streets I feel like there's a tugging effect like I'm pulling a trailer or something every 2 to 3 seconds. Some people tell me that it could be the AWD not working right or brakes locking up.

Jaybo martin
Apr 17, 2012.
If there's a tug or wobble in the steering wheel noticed more at lower speeds, suspect a broken belt in a front tire. If you feel a sideways wobble in the seat, suspect a broken tire belt in the rear.

If it's only felt in the brake pedal, a rear brake drum could be warped. If the brake pedal also pulses up and down against your foot, a drum could be out-of-round or a front brake rotor could be warped.

The all-wheel-drive viscous coupling rarely causes a problem. Even if it was binding, you'd never know it while driving straight ahead because the front and rear wheels would be turning at the same speed. It would just spin freely with the drive shaft.

The best approach is to have an inspection performed at a tire and alignment shop. They will test drive it first, then based on their observations, they'll know where to look.

Apr 18, 2012.