2005 Chevrolet Malibu • 91,000 miles

While driving yesterday my car died in the middle of the highway. The battery light and the oil light quickly flashed before it died (they were not lit previously and I just had my oil changed.) I don't think it was my battery because the lights, radio and windsheild wiper were still working when the car died. I had it towed and I'm just looking for a list of possibilities. What is wrong with it? 2005 Chevy Classic.
January 4, 2012.

Ignition ie. PCM, coils, switch
Fuel pump
Timing chain
cam or crank sensor

Jan 4, 2012.
I have a simular problem with my 2001 Malibu. It seems to enjoy shutting off while I am driving down the interstate (65 -70 MPH) or while driving down the mainstreet in town ( 20 mph ) and time in between. I first had a cam shaft A sensor error and replaced the cam shaft sensor. Then I had a leaking gasket ( the one around the timing chain ), fixed that too. Now it seems that not only is the mystery problem with it shutting off while driving, but it has also given the impression that the fuel pump is going out. Stopped to pick up my son from a game, and it wouldnt start for two days. No buzzz from the trunk gave off the impression that the fuel pump died. I let it sit until I wasnt sooo angry at it. I started it a week later drove it around the block, to work, and around town with out any problems. Other than it still shutting off at its discretion, it ran fine. Tomorrow I am going to get the fuel pressure tester from my local O'fix it shop, just to see what it tells me. Anyone have any ideas?

I went to the O'fix it parts shop and tested the fuel pressure. It registered 0 on the pressure gage. It had some pressure, after running a while enough to make it drip in the hose, but not enough to move the pressure gage. The "O'fix it" parts guy said it might be the regulator or a clogged filter. Any other suggestions?

I had this problem with a chevy cavalier. Going along just fine many and then would die. My dad replaced the fuel pump. Still dead. Thought he got a bad part. Replaced again. Still dead. Turns out that it was a wire that runs from the battery along inside under the drivers door to under the back seat floor up to a port under the center of the back seat to power the fuel pump had gotten worn and the car would work when it was making the connection, but add a couple of squirming kids in the back seat and it would come loose and the car would die. A $4.00 piece of wire fixed it.

Jan 21, 2013.