2005 Buick Terraza • 140,000 miles

My 05 buick tereza sliding door started to open after it was closed. I cleaned the contacts and removed all 3 fuses. I then cycled the door twice. This worked for awhile and then I had to do it again. I have done this several times. Now this procedure doesn't work. I did remove all three fuses and now use the door manually.
November 15, 2011.

When the door first closes, does the latch lock into place and then starts opening?
It shoudl interlock it with a throw switch as it does not use constant electricity to keep the door latch in place to hold the door closed. It has a solenoid that gets a voltage signal and latches the door and once it is latched, it should not receive a voltage signal again until the door button is pushed to open it. There must be either something wrong with the solenoid stickingor not throwing the latch all the way into the lock position or there is continuity in the solenoid activation switch when it should be an open circuit while the vehicle is in motion after the door has been closed.

Have the sliding door module checked and tested

Nov 15, 2011.
It appears the back latch is not seating properly. When I drive it that bell is ringing. I cycled the door and made sure the back latch of the sliding door seated by pushing it in which stopped the chiming. Taking it to Goodyear dealer Thursday.

Nov 15, 2011.