2005 Buick Rendezvous • 152,000 miles

Question: After a breaking and turning harshly on the road, to avoid a collision, my 2005 Buick Rendezvous Ultra's engine immediately stopped, and upon re-starting, all the dashboard lights and alarms, it seemed, began to flash and to indicate all sorts of trouble: Engine Needs service, Traction OFF, LOW FUEL (though the tank was full), Security, plus the odometer no longer shows any numbers, and worst of all, the fuel gauge no longer works. Also, the A/C no longer blows cold air, the seat position memory no longer works. It seems like a computer issue. Any ideas for a simple reset or fix? I understand this computer was replaced in the last two years. Thanks,
April 22, 2013.

Check to see if there is any damage to battery, normally when a battery is bad stuff like this happens, have it checked and load tested. Most auto parts stores can do this. Also check all your fuses underhood.

Apr 22, 2013.