2005 Buick Rendezvous • 3.4L FWD Automatic • 174,000 miles

We recently bought a 05 rendezvous we drove it home and found the temp gague wasn't working and it was over heating. Then all of a sudden the track off light, brake light, service singing soon, and service traction system light all go off at the same time with a dinging that won't stop. How do I fix this
February 16, 2014.

Your going to need a professional scan tool not a diyer scan tool or free code read at the auto parts store to read all the computers. Let me know the exact code numbers not the code descriptions? You may also need the professional scan tool to help you fix the problem.

Feb 16, 2014.
For the lights and sounds going off on the dash, there is an update that the dealership can download for a fee to your vehicle's computer that will fix that issue. That actually happened to my Rendezvous and after trying everything, the update finally solved the problem. The other issues need to addressed by a trained mechanic. Did you not drive this vehicle and also have an ASE certified mechanic look at it before you purchased it?

Feb 20, 2014.