2004 Saturn L300 • 95,000 miles

I'm meeting my son out of town for a wedding. While there, he wants help to change a headlight bulb. Sometimes you have to remove entire assembly. What tools should I take? Thanks in advance.
September 28, 2011.

Take a small socket set incase you have to remove the battery or other component and a coupld screw drivers. Other than that, the socket should screw out the back side.

Just to add to this one I posted how to replace the head light blub. The battery isn't a issue on this car its far back from the headlight. You have to remove the front grill and the headlight assembly pretty easy. As far as tools I would bring a couple of different size flat blade screwdrivers to remove the plastic gill retaining clips and a 10mm socket extenision and ratchet to remove the headlight assembly. The you unplug the blub and then the bulb twists out. Make sure you dont dont touch the bulb itself or you will damage the bulb.

Sep 28, 2011.
First answer was correct. Low beam / driver's side bulb only required battery removal. Simple / easy. High beam bulb would have required grill removal. Passenger side low beam looked to be blocked by what looked like maybe the emissions evaporative canister. (Not sure what tools would have been required.) Top fasteners were the plastic expansion type devices. I would advise purchasing new ones (3)when you buy the replacement bulb. They get old & brittle. The bottom fasteners that show in figure are only locator pins.

Bottom line answer to Driver's side low beam bulb replacement question "What tools?" Was 12mm socket, 6" extension, ratchet for battery hold-down & 5/16" for battery terminal. Recommend disposable rubber glove for bulb handling.

Oct 3, 2011.