2004 Pontiac Grand Am • Automatic •

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am, water is leaking from something under the engine, I've felt around it as much as I possibly could, and whatever it is has oil on it. I can't see the source of the leak but I see the dripping and followed it with my hand and what I felt had oil on it. Also if I'm driving for about 20-25 min or more, when the gas pedal is press it makes a constant clicking sound and when the breaks are presses the battery dies. The car is still turned on but the battery light comes on and it dies.
January 31, 2014.

It sound like your water pump is throwing coolant and you belt is slipping causing a battery light. The clicking is probably because the car is running too hot. Your gauge will not read hot if youre low on coolant.

I can't afford to have someone look at it/ fix it at the moment, is there anything I can do for it? I need to get the car home which is about 20-30 min max away, will that hurt it?

Jan 31, 2014.
Just make sure you keep water and coolant in the car all the time. Fill it up before each trip til you can do more. The leak may get worse and you may be able to tell better where its coming from. Don't add stop leak as it can plug up the cooling system. Just keep checking and filling