2004 Kia Rio • 85,000 miles

I was reversing my manual transmission '04 Kia Rio, when something popped. The car remained in reverse, but the car would not longer accelerate. I put the car in first gear and the same thing resulted. I can start the car, and everything seems to be running normally, but the car won't move. Also, I can put the car in the first three gears without pushing in the clutch. Additionally, a fluid began leaking out under the engine right after it stopped working. The fluid seems to be transmission fluid--though I know nothing about cars. That said, it definitely doesn't seem to be oil. There is no smoke coming out of the engine or anything like that while it is driving. The one unique thing about this car is that it does not have power-steering. I really appreciate your advice.
February 11, 2013.

It sounds like the slave cylinder for the clutch. The fluid may be from the clutch system

have it checked, it may be a simple repair


Feb 11, 2013.
Thanks for the answer, but I was told that a slave cylinder issue would result in grinding if I tried to put the car in gear while it was running. I have done that without a problem for the first three gears. Could it be something else?

Feb 11, 2013.