2004 Infiniti G35 • 72,000 miles

Im getting this noise going uphill like the motor is out of oil but I know fo sure it aint motor oil cuz I check it daily. Everytime I go uphill and since its snowing the slip light comes up and it makes the noise. Idk what It is and im scared to be stuck on the road with no help. What do I need to check and can u guys please tell me where I can find a car reader so I can diagnose it. I dont wanna pay 89 bucks everytime something comes up. Thank u all
January 11, 2012.

That's a list of scanners at Amazon with some good features and prices.

Slip tells me it's losing traction, which is believable in the snow. How often do you check the transmission fluid level? Going uphill tends to make fluids find the lowest point. This can move them away from pumps and pickups.

Jan 11, 2012.
Ok just checked the transmission oil and the gauge shows that its on the hot part, any other problem I shud look for. And I set the car on neutral running to check the AT fluid, did I do it the right way, I appreciate the link look preetty good.

Jan 12, 2012.
Was the vehicle parked on level ground? Transmission can be in either Park or Neutral. Engine must be running and at normal temp, so yes, you did right. You said the level was on the 'hot part'. Does that mean where it says 'Full Hot'? Was the a line above or below the level?

Next step, find one of those parts stores I mentioned and rent/borrow a transmission pressure gauge. Then test the pressure the transmission pump is operating at. The gauge should come with instructions.

As for the link, the $29 one is full-featured and should do you just nicely. Also, check your phone book. There will be shops and stores that scan for codes for free.

Jan 12, 2012.