2004 Dodge Dakota • 65,000 miles

I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota SLT(Old Body Style)with a 4.7 V8, It started miss firing and we had to replace the ignition coil on cylinder 7. Then a few months after that it did it again on the same cylinder, so I changed the coil and put the new one on a different cylinder. After a few weeks it started missing again showing a injector code. I replaced it, turned off the light and within a few days it came on and the truck was miss firing again. We put new plugs and in and still had the miss. We were told it could be the Crank Shaft Sensor so we replaced that. We took it up the road but when we tried to go back home the truck started missing and would not go over 20 mph and stalled out when stopped at a store and smelled like it flooded with fuel and even with the pedal to the floor it crept slowly up hills. I need help as this is his only vehicle and he has to get to work.
April 2, 2012.

First start with a compression test on that cylinder.
From missing, you may have melted the cat converter.


We did that fearing a cracked head, but they checked out fine, and the cats are less then a year old and they were also check and are fine.

Apr 2, 2012.