2004 Audi A8 • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 110,000 miles

How do I change drivers window switch on Audi A8 D3
March 21, 2011.

Did you ever get this fixed?

I am having an issue where the driver side windows will go up sometimes so I am thinking it is the switch going bad

Aug 27, 2012.
04audi, window goes up by itself (when down) while driving or did you mean
that when you want the window to go up, that it only goes up sometimes
while using the switch?

The switch can be checked via a scan tool connected to the Comfort
Control Module. While operating the switch you can check to see if
the control module "sees" an open or close window signal from the switch.

If no signal is "seen" chances are that the switch is no good (could be
wiring too though).

Try opening / closing "all" windows with the key in the door handle
from the outside of the car. Hold the key in either the lock or unlock
position to activate ALL windows.

If the driver window still hangs-up (does not open or close with the
other windows), then I would think there is a problem with the window
regulator/module in that door.


Aug 28, 2012.
Were you able to check?

Aug 29, 2012.
@exovcds, thanks for your quick response and suggestions.

I was able to order the part (power window panel for the driver side) and replace it at a local repair shop for a total cost of $240.

Now it works like brand-new.

Most time consuming from part of the process from what I saw is getting the door panel off and back on.

My symptoms where: Drive side window will go up sometimes and get progressively worse. Meaning I would have to play with the switch over 50 times before it would work; the day before I changed the switch, I had leave car with the window down over night (garage kept).


Aug 30, 2012.