2003 Toyota Camry • 57,000 miles

I have a tapping or clicking noise coming from the engine. The oil has been changed and a can of STP was added to try and eliminate any noise coming from the engine. Ran car for a couple of days to see if car would have a diffrent result. But the problem is still there. The noise is more audible when you step on the gas paddle. This is probably a common problem on Toyotas
but I have not seen a resonable answer.
January 29, 2013.

If you could post a video of where the tapping noise if coming from that would be great. If the tapping noise is coming from the top end of the engine, more then likely your valves could need adjustment. If it is coming from the bottom end of the engine the issue could be a bit more severe. Valve adjustments are fairly easy to do and shops usually don't charge that much to perform the service.

Jan 29, 2013.