2003 Subaru Legacy • 4 cylinder AWD Automatic •

Yesterday I had a friend drain my transmission fluid and put more in and replace the filter. I drive a 2003 Subaru Legacy with an automatic transmission. The book said to put 9.8 quarts in, so we did. But we drained far less than that and today my check engine light is on and it smells like the fluid is burning. Can you please help me with what I should do?
December 14, 2010.

Well 9.8 qts is trans capacity far less is needed for filter change. Need to remove @4+qts. Then proceed to a trans shop have it checked out.

Dec 14, 2010.
Way over filled should of been only like 5 qaurts at the most with the spin on filter and your smelling the fluid dripping on the exaust. Drain fluid and keep rechecking till its at the proper mark of the dip stick.

Dec 15, 2010.