2003 Saturn Ion

Hey, so I got a new blower motor resistor, and that wasn't the answer. So now I am trying a new blower motor fan, it has to be ordered. In the meantime, any suggestions?
July 13, 2011.

First of all what are the symptoms?Does the blower motor work on any speed?Have you checked all the fuse's?I have seen a lot of terminal tightness issues on those ions. Getting a multimeter and doing some testing is a lot cheaper then buying resistors and motors. Do you have a multimeter to do some testing?I have also seen bad switches on those ions.

Jul 13, 2011.
Hmmm. Interesting that a mechanic couldn't do all this. Regardless, details: the ac blows cool air out that you can feel (and this isn't much at all) only on setting four. This why I thought (through some research) the resistor was the problem. After trying one today, the problem wasn't resovled. Next step is to determine if it is the blower motor.

WHen I initially had this problem, the mechanic stated he checked the fuses, and that wasn't the problem; but I'll check them again. Can this be done visually? I don't have a multimeter, but I am sure I could get one. Auto Zone, here I come again!

Thanks for replying, I will re-post after checking.

As far as the fuses go the big square fuses with the window you can easly see if its good thru window. The fuses you want to check the blade ones its best to use a test light or at the very least a multimeter. You would turn the key to the run position then test each side of the fuse they should both have power if you find a fuse with power to just one side then its blown. Also just to clarify the problem blower motor doesnt work on any speed but high and its not running full speed on high?Let me know when you get a multimeter and we will test and see whats going on.

Jul 13, 2011.
Have not bought the multimeter yet, but had somone visually look at the fuses. He said they looked good. Headed back to the autozone tonight. After this I think I might give up. I feel like I am looking too hard for the problem.

Dont give up get a meter and I will tell you what to test and we will figure it out.

Jul 14, 2011.