2003 Peugeot Expert

03 expert van - no brake pressure to rear brakes on foot brake - handbrake good - pedal good - front brakes good - rear shoes & wheel cylinders good - new flexy hoses, load valve, master cylinder, vacuum pump & front to rear brake pipes fitted - brakes bled with pressure bleeder - still no effort on rear foot brake. HELP
Ian Philip
April 18, 2011.

Hi, Ian. I'm Earl. I reviewed your question, and wanted to provide information that might help.

Does this happen during antilock braking or at all times? Have you checked the Brake Pressure Modulator Value (BPMV)? The BPMV provides brake fluid modulation for each individual wheel circuit as required during antilock braking. During antilock mode, the BPMV can maintain or reduce brake fluid pressure independent of pressure generated in master cylinder.

No antilock brakes on van

Ian Philip
Apr 19, 2011.
Hi, Ian. I understand there are no antilock brakes on your van.

If it seems to take a long time to stop the car when applying the brakes, where you have to push the pedal down hard to come to a complete stop: * This condition is often due to brake fade, which occurs when the linings become too hot. It may be caused by linings that are too thin or brakes that are overworked.
* This condition may also be caused by air in the hydraulic system, a fluid leak in master cylinder, a hose or line leak in system, and/or if the brakes misadjusted.
* This may also be an indication that the rear (or front) brakes that are not operating as designed. This requires the front brakes to work harder resulting in overheating and longer stopping distances.

I hope this provides some additional information. Earl