2003 Mitsubishi Lancer • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 130,000 miles

My car has been revving up even while in 5th gear and running on unusually high rpm's when any gas is applied, and it has had a burning brake smell if I drove it very far. Recently, the clutch completely quit after driving 60+ miles in one trip. What could be the problems causing this? What are the steps I would need to take to repair it myself and what parts/tools do I need? Also, what would be a general estimate for the costs of a mechanic to repair/replace the clutch?
December 5, 2010.

If the problem started after repairs to the hydraulic system, I would suggest checking the clutch pedal to master cylinder free travel first. Insufficient clutch pedal clearance would result in clutch partial engaging after driving for some time and this would be noticeable with a higher clutch pedal height.

Clutch Disc Assy = $114.82
Clutch Pressure Plate = $137.95
Clutch Release Bearing = $147.70

Book time for repair job is 4.9 hours.

The transmission has to be removed to perform the job.

Dec 5, 2010.
You can probably get away with only replacing clutch disc itself. Try chain auto store for prices. They probably have kit deals for everything too. Why did you wait to ask this question?

Dec 5, 2010.