2003 Honda Accord • 149,000 miles

By computer screening I found bad knock sensor and I changed it next day. After changing the knock sensor, car is running more efficiently but still my check engine light is not gone. I am sure there is no problem with the knock sensor as I just changed new. Can I know why the check engine light is still on?

Thank you
September 5, 2013.

Have you reset the OBD 2 system with a scanner? Also, have you re-scanned the system to see if there is a trouble code stored that will identify where the problem is coming from?

Yes I did and still shows same code of knock sensor. One of my friend told me that I may have to replace wire harness of knock sensor and it may be problem but I am not sure. My knock sensor is new and does the wire harness problems shows check engine light with same knock sensor code?

Thank u

Sep 5, 2013.
If the wiring to the knock sensor is damaged or corroded, yes, it will show as a bad sensor.