2003 Ford Focus • 66,000 miles

I have a 2003 Ford Focus zx3 2.3 litre engine, the car cuts out at idle does not stall only cuts out at idle, the check engine light will come on, and after a few hours or so or it might be even a day or so but it always cuts out when idle only does not stall. What would be the problem?
March 27, 2013.

How long since a tune-up? Are there any applicable trouble codes. Some of the national brand autostores will check codes for free.

Check fuel injectors.

Mar 27, 2013.
No I have not checked the trouble codes can you still check a trouble code when the check engine light is off?

Randy sharp
Mar 27, 2013.
You can always check for codes, may not have any. Some of the autostores will tell you, they wont check codes unless the lite is on.

If you have an obd2 code reader, you can check codes, yourself. Your local autostore should have obd2 code readers for sale.

Checking for codes is just a basic procedure. Codes can stay in memory for a while, even if no longer active.

Mar 28, 2013.