2003 Dodge Stratus • 143,000 miles

I just bought a 03 dodge stratus r/t and it seemed perfect then out of no where squeaking in the front right and now whole front of car going slow. Going fast can't hear it.
i know for sure what it is not, just can't find where to look to see what it might be, control arm is my guess, also does not having an undercarriage(that plate under car that covers it from water or whatever) affect that control arm? Seemed to have happened out of nowhere.
November 20, 2012.

Have you checked the brake pads to make sure it is not the brake pad sensor. They squeak when the pads need to be changed.

I should have been more clear, it's not like under the car in a certain spot it's the whole front end when I go real slow over bumps, and now both sides sound horrible, first was just barely a squeak days ago, now the whole front of the car sounds like someone bouncing on it, plus sounds worse in park turning the wheels, almost seems tires are rubbing but they are right size.

Also yes checked brakes first. Definitely not a brake issue.

Nov 20, 2012.
It sounds like the uppper strut mounts are loose. Go back to the shop and have them fix it immediately. I would ask them to tow it and have them pay for the tow if it is that because it is very dangerous to drive.