2003 Dodge Neon • 118,000 miles

While I was sitting at Wendy's drive through I noticed my fan motor? Was making a whining noise as if it had no oil on it or something. It only happens when I am sitting at idling like that. Is it something I should be concerned about. Also I bought some antifreeze that is 50/50. The guy that helped me said it would be okay for my car. I forget the name but it was $10. When I read the models to use it for under the price label it said to use it for Ford, Gm under years 2000, etc. Will that be okay to use on my car? I am sure by now you know I am a woman writing this but I am pretty good at checking things out online before doing things to my car. I just bought the car 3 weeks ago and have already had to replace the 02 censor. I bought for a decent price plus I do not drive 1000 miles a year: ) I am disabled and try to find out how to do things online before calling a mechanic.
I appreciate any you can give me.
Thank you,
J. Morris
mjrustirose@aol. Com
November 28, 2012.

Yes, your cooling fan is most likely failing. Replace it.

50/50 is the correct mix. Use all makes/all models coolant from any parts store


Nov 28, 2012.
Fan operation while sitting still(in line at drive thru, at a red light, ect) is perfectly normal due to the fact that there is not much air flow thru the radiator when the vehicle is not moving. As long as there are no overheating or lack of heating issues it is nothing to be concerned with. As far as the anti freeze, use a universal/all makes/models type as previosly stated.

Nov 29, 2012.