2003 Dodge Caravan • 250,000 miles

2003 Dodge Caravan
passenger side window worked intermittently, now nothing
drivers side window was slow going up and down, now nothing
have taken off inner panels
banged on motors to loosen up
tried switch with doors open to see if cabin light dims
took apart drivers side door switch
nothing corroded or broken
reattached switch to check everything again
nothing works, not even back windows
cannot afford a mechanic
September 1, 2012.

Check the fuses /circuit breaker first
then check to see if the switch gets power. It could be amodule that has goen bad but you need apro type scanner to check it. If you get power to the switch then check tosee if power to the motor.

Sep 1, 2012.
Thanks for the reply.

The fuses were the first thing I checked, long before I took anything apart. The main fuse panel under the hood did not have anything that included power windows. I read somewhere else that there is a main fuse in the steering column. But if a fuse had gone out, the symptoms would have been different. The intermittent passenger side would have simply failed and not restarted. Even after that side went out, the drivers side still worked, albeit very slowly. I have attached pix of my fuse box. Maybe it's listed with something else?

I really appreciate the help.

Sep 1, 2012.
Heres a schematic you can check this this is before the power window switch

Sep 1, 2012.