2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 143,450 miles

I have a 2003 chevy monte carlo ss with 3800 series 2 engine. I was driving this car with cruise set at 65mph, it felt like it started to loose power but still holding at 65. I pulled over as I slowed down it shut off it would not start back up due to the battery acting like it was dead, I check for busted hoses or belts none found, I turn the key on it showed the temp was high we tried jumping it but it would not start. After an hour I tried to start it it started but it had knocking type noise. After having it towed back to the house we checked the oil, and water it was both fine the noise sound like maybe the flywheel was hitting something after pulling the front 3 spark plugs out we turned it over it turns over normal for the most part no knocking type sound was heard the flywheel looks good it does not wobble or seem loose when when being turned over also after we got it back to the house we did get it to start we tried to move it, it went maybe 2-3 feet and shut back off.
March 21, 2013.

Have it scanned for codes as the noise can be anything but check torque converter bolts for being loose there will be 3 or 4 then after it's runs have apro check it for noise.

Mar 21, 2013.
There is no codes

Mar 21, 2013.